WD-FM Museum Musings (August 2021) Shownotes

Posted on Fri, 08/13/2021 - 13:50

Join Bri and Chris on the newest episode of WD-FM Museum Musings as they share upcoming museum programs and share some of their favorite Disney memories.

Upcoming Programs

Preserving Lucasfilm's Collection with Archivist Madlyn Moskowitz

Join Archivist Madlyn Moskowitz, guardian and steward of Lucasfilm’s collection of screen-used Star Wars props, costumes, and related ephemera, for a special presentation about her duties and responsibilities ranging from cleaning, storage, and transportation to consultation for replica makers and costume designers.

Happily Ever After Hours | Storytelling Pride at Pixar with Andrea Goh and Jake Kaplan

Pixar Animation Studios is committed to ensuring that talented individuals find access, opportunity, and belonging as issues of diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion continue to be spotlighted and given greater voice. Join us as Pixar Layout Lead Andrea Goh and Editorial Coordinator Jake Kaplan discuss their roles at Pixar and how #PixPride initiatives have affected them in their personal lives and work at the award-winning animation studio.

My Career in Disney Animation with Andreas Deja

How different might your life be if you ended up with your childhood dream job? Disney Legend Andreas Deja does not have to wonder. He decided at age 10 that he wanted to be a Disney animator, and by age 20, he had achieved his dream. Join us for an interview with Deja as he discusses his decades-long career with The Walt Disney Studios animating many iconic characters including Gaston in Beauty and the Beast (1991), Jafar in Aladdin (1992), and the titular hero in the Greek mythology-inspired Hercules (1997).

Featured Blogs

A Singing Wake: The Music of Walt Disney’s Haunted Mansion

When the Haunted Mansion finally opened to guests in August 1969, its 999 resident ghosts were ready to socialize. But, as we all know, spooks don’t come out for a swinging wake without suitable musical accompaniment. Here’s how “Grim Grinning Ghosts” materialized…

From Sketch Artist to Animator: Inspecting Some Pieces by Retta Scott

Arriving at the Studio in 1938, Retta Scott was assigned to the Story Department and began work on Bambi. She joined fellow artists like Mel Shaw and Marc Davis in field trips to the zoo, applying her passion for drawing animals. Almost immediately, her striking charcoal studies of the powerful sequence where Bambi battles a pack of hunting dogs caught the attention of Walt and the production team. As Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston described, “A startling moment for us came when we saw Retta Scott’s amazing sketches of the vicious dogs…”

Spotlight Talk: P.L. Travers’ Mary Poppins

From start to finish, making a movie is hard work. And for some movies in particular, the start can be especially difficult. Mary Poppins was certainly one of those films, as interpreted by the recently released Saving Mr. Banks. To commemorate both the debut of this new film and the eve of Mary Poppins’ 50th anniversary year, December’s Spotlight Talks focused on how Walt and author P.L. Travers’ brought a beloved literary character to the silver screen.