Social Narrative for Visiting the Museum

Our social narrative is a resource for persons on the autism spectrum who may benefit from descriptions and pictures that show what a typical visit to The Walt Disney Family Museum is like. If you, your child, or someone else in your group would benefit from this resource, you can download our Social Narrative as a PDF below. 

I am going to The Walt Disney Family Museum. When I see the red brick building with the big red signs, I will know I am there! My group and I will explore the museum, learn new things, and have fun.

Before we enter the museum, a museum staff member wearing a red sweater will help us find our pre-purchased tickets. Our tickets can be on our phones or printed out.

Now that I am in the museum, I will try my best to use my inside voice.

If I have a question about where to go, I can visit the front desk.

The museum staff wears red sweaters. Museum staff are adults who can teach me new things. They can also help me if I get lost. My group and I will have our mobile or printed tickets ready to be scanned at the gallery entrance.

My group and I will decide together what we want to see and do at the museum. We might not have time to see everything. I will try to cooperate with my group so that we can all have fun.

When we are in the museum, I will keep my hands to myself. I will look, but not touch with my hands. I may listen to the museum’s audio guide on my phone with headphones to hear additional interactive content.

In the galleries, I can look at art and videos from Disney movies and his home life. Sometimes there are loud sounds or flashing lights. I will try to stay calm. If I need noise-canceling headphones, I can ask museum staff for a pair at the front desk.

If there is a special exhibition, I can go with my group to a different building to view more artwork.

I will walk on a sidewalk and across a parking lot to visit this building. I will stay on the sidewalk and close to my group while we walk through the parking lot.

If the museum is too loud and exciting, we can go to the porch to sit and take a break. On the porch, I can look at the water, the plants, and the birds. I will take deep breaths until I am ready to explore more.

When visiting the museum, I can take the stairs or the elevator. If I take the elevator, I will have to wait my turn and will only enter the elevator with my group.

My group and I may visit the Museum Store. There are lots of toys and gifts in the store, and I will look at them but not touch.

At the end of my visit, I will wave goodbye to the red brick building. I had a wonderful time at The Walt Disney Family Museum.