Our Mission

The Walt Disney Family Museum presents an inspirational journey through the life of Walter Elias Disney. Our mission is two-fold: to inform present and future generations about the man and, through his story, to inspire them to heed their imagination and persevere in pursuing their goals. 

WEI Council Charter

The Walt Disney Family Museum's Work, Equity, and Inclusivity (WEI) Council aims to create an inclusive, accessible, and empowering workplace for museum employees, while also prioritizing providing an inclusive, accessible, and educational space for the public. WEI is committed to reaching these goals by seeking employees’ input. The WEI Council also strives to acknowledge and discuss how The Walt Disney Family Museum informs the public about Walt’s Disney’s story and the events that occurred during this lifetime, including elements that may have a negative or harmful impact. The Council seeks to address all aspects of the history surrounding Walt's lifetime with sensitivity, providing educational resources to the public, and encouraging conversations about these topics that connect to the public in the context of today's modern world.