We are excited to offer classes in art, animation, and more to students of all ages. 

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Mon–Fri, Jun 6–17 | 9am–3pm

Story is the foundation of every great book or film.

Imagine the reluctant hero of your own design journeying off into a world of unknown trials and tribulations. Will they choose the trail into the dark woods or the road leading to a small town? As the storyteller and illustrator, you make the...

Mon–Fri, Jun 6–17 | 9am–3pm

At the heart of every great artist is a strong foundation of skills to take their ideas and turn the imaginary into reality. Join us this summer for a two-week class focusing on the fundamentals of drawing human beings. We will look at bone and muscle structure, how to accurately draw faces, and...

Mon–Fri, Jun 20–Jul 1 | 9am–3pm

In this two-week class, be prepared to reimagine ideas and designs as you learn what it takes to be an animator. Using animation principles and paper cut-outs, various methods and practices will be explored. After multiple animation samples, students will then use their new skills to create a unique...

Mon–Fri, Jun 20–Jul 1 | 9am–3pm

Take the first step on an incredible two-week journey as we look at what it means to be a young woman in animation. Students will design their own female lead character while studying narrative structure, fairy tales, reexamining tropes, and stereotypes in animated films. After developing concept...

Tue–Fri, Jul 5–8 & Mon–Fri, Jul 11–15 | 9am–3pm

Please note: Due to the holiday, this class begins on Tuesday, July 5.

Television shows made for streaming services are more prominent now than they have ever been. Whether audiences follow their favorite characters over a few hours or many years, the idea for a television series can be just as...

Tue–Fri, Jul 5–8 & Mon–Fri, Jul 11–Jul 15 | 9am–3pm

Please note: Due to the holiday, this class begins on Tuesday, July 5.

In this two-week class, students examine how drawings and story come together in the artform of comics. Join us as we explore the history of comics, visual storytelling, characters, and the craft of silent comics. Students...

Mon–Fri, Jul 18–Jul 29 | 9am–3pm

Whether adapting from book to film, comic to television series, or somewhere in between, the art of adapting material for a new medium is both exciting and hard work. In this two-week summer class, students explore the process of adaptation through books, film, and poetry, then reimagine and develop...

Mon–Fri, Jul 18–29 | 9am–3pm

Join us for this two-week intensive class focusing on 2D digital animation techniques, principles, and software. Students will then create their own short film using storyboards, animatics, and original characters.

Scholarship Information

To ensure that all students have the opportunity to take classes at The Walt Disney Family Museum, we are pleased to offer scholarships to qualifying families and students of all ages.

Please visit the page of the specific class(es) you would like to attend to view scholarship opportunities and application information. If a class is sold out, scholarships may still be available for students in need.

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