Virtual Exhibitions

Past Exhibitions

Spirit of the Season: A Community Art Exhibition

For Walt Disney and his family, the holidays were a time to create magical memories and celebrate traditions. And while Walt and his family celebrated Christmas, there are many end-of-year holidays and traditions celebrated around the world, including Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Ōmisoka, Diwali, Las Posadas, Three Kings Day, Toji, seasonal solstices, and New Year’s. But for many, this special time of year is not about a particular holiday or giving gifts, but rather about making special memories with friends and family and enjoying the spirit of the season.

Conserving the Magic of Our Planet: A Virtual Community Art Exhibition

“Conservation isn’t just the business of a few people. It’s a matter that concerns all of us. It’s a science whose principles are written in the oldest code in the world, the laws of nature. The natural resources of our vast continent are not inexhaustible. But if we will use our riches wisely, if we will protect our wildlife and preserve our lakes and streams, these things will last us for generations to come.”

—Walt Disney

it’s a small world: A Virtual Community Art Exhibition

"There is just one moon and one golden sun,
And a smile means friendship to everyone.
Though the mountains divide and the oceans are wide, it's a small world after all."

The World of Tomorrow: A Virtual Community Art Exhibition

The Walt Disney Family Museum is excited to premiere The World of Tomorrow, a new virtual exhibition featuring works created by the museum’s global community. Inspired by each artists’ vision for a “world of tomorrow,” this diverse selection of works includes paintings, drawings, photographs, and 3D objects in a 3D-rendered virtual gallery space.