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Posted on Fri, 07/19/2019 - 15:58
When the Disneyland television show premiered in October 1954, it promised stories and programs from four distinct lands in the still-under-construction theme park: Fantasyland, Adventureland, Frontierland, and Tomorrowland. With no existing library of material to populate the Tomorrowland segments, Walt assigned a team, directed by veteran animator Ward Kimball, to develop “science-factual” programs about human space exploration, among other topics.
September | Mon, Wed, Thu & Fri: 2pm

Narrated by actor and filmmaker John Krasinski, Disneynature’s Born in China offers an intimate look at China’s wildlife. Follow three distinct stories: a giant panda mother raising her newborn, a golden snub-nosed monkey adjusting to the new arrival of his baby sister, and a snow leopard on a

September | Sat & Sun: 1pm & 4 pm
No 1pm screening Saturday, September 14 & 28

This month, we are screening two Academy Award ®-winners from Walt Disney’s True-Life Adventures series. First, explore the world of Alaskan wildlife in Seal Island (1949), directed by Disney Legend James Algar. Then, be sure to stick around for Ben Sharpsteen’s Water Birds (1952) and experience the

Posted on Thu, 01/09/2014 - 16:00

In light of the recent rumors that have been spreading about Walt Disney, The Walt Disney Family Museum would be more than happy to address misconceptions that have been told as bold, un-sourced statements and wildly false accusations, as part of our mission to enlighten and educate.

Wed, Jan 1 | CLOSED

The Walt Disney Family Museum is closed on New Year's Day.

However, we will be open our normal hours on Thursday, January 1. Have a wonderful holiday! 

Wed, Dec 25 | CLOSED

The Walt Disney Family Museum is closed on Christmas Day.

However, we will be open our normal hours on Thursday, December 26. Have a wonderful holiday! 

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The Walt Disney Family Museum is closed on Thanksgiving Day.

However, we will be open our normal hours on Friday, November 29. Have a wonderful holiday! 

May 16, 2019–Jan 6, 2020
Members Preview Night: Wed, May 15 | 6–8:45pm
Celebrate animation’s most beloved and recognizable character with this original exhibition. Explore Mickey’s influence on art and entertainment over the past nine decades and the story of his origin, rise to fame, and enduring world-wide appeal.
July | Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri | 2pm

Mickey and Minnie Mouse have entertained audiences for the past ninety years. This month we are showcasing a compilation of various Mickey and Minnie shorts that highlight the breadth of their illustrious careers.

Sat, Sep 21 | 10:30am–1:30pm

In this workshop, learn about the natural world and its inhabitants as you practice drawing zoo animals from live reference. Study the proportion, movement, texture, and gesture-drawing techniques used to gain a sense of an animal’s anatomy while breathing life into your sketches.

Special Events
Sun, Aug 4 | 9am–2pm
On Family Access Day, the museum invites children with disabilities and children with special health care needs to enjoy the galleries, free-of-charge, with their friends and families.
Sat, Aug 10 | 1–2:30pm

One of the most memorable sequences in Disney animation history involves the magical transformation of Cinderella’s ragged dress into a beautiful, twinkling ballgown. In this workshop, learn more about the classic film Cinderella (1950), as featured in Gallery 7, and learn to use elements of

Sat, Jul 27 | 1–2:30pm

Learn more about the South American tour and Victory Through Air Power in Gallery 6, and then join us to create your own animation of a soaring plane, using timing and spacing to chart its path through the sky.

Sat, Jul 13 | 1–2:30pm

In 1941, a little flying elephant charmed the world in Dumbo. While making the film, animators were challenged with animating flight in a way that looked not only whimsical, but believable. We invite you to read about the production of Dumbo in Gallery 6, then join us in learning how to use timing,

Field Trips
Mon, Wed, Thu, & Fri | 10am–noon & 1–3pm
During this two-hour workshop, students learn about the innovation of synchronized sound and are challenged to match their animations with an exciting soundtrack of their own design. Students also experiment with a mini Multiplane Camera, explore how depth is created in animation, and create their
Field Trips
Mon, Wed, Thu, & Fri | 10am–noon and 1–3pm
Limited time only: September 4, 2019 to January 6, 2020
Students take a tour of our newest special exhibition, Mickey Mouse: From Walt to the World, with gallery activities and group discussions centered around one-of-a-kind Mickey artworks and objects. In the Learning Center, students bring to life their own animated characters using a Crankie box
August | Mon, Wed, Thu & Fri: 2pm | Sat & Sun: 1pm & 4pm
No 1pm & 4pm screenings Saturday, August 17

This month, we invite you to take a trip down the rabbit hole with us. Alice in Wonderland offers a whimsical tale of Alice’s enchanted encounters with the White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts, and many more quirky characters. Featuring the voice talents of Bill Thompson, Ed Wynn,