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Field Trips
Mon, Wed, Thu & Fri | 10am–noon
In the galleries, students discover the importance of storytelling in animation by engaging in interactive activities focused on the concepts of character, setting, and plot. In the Learning Center, they will illustrate and animate a story using a zoetrope, a device that produces the illusion of
Field Trips
Mon, Wed, Thu, & Fri | 10am–noon & 1–3pm
Students take a tour through the galleries highlighting the importance of music throughout Walt's life. With a focus on masterpieces like the Silly Symphonies (1929–39) and Fantasia (1940), the guided tour then transitions students into an interactive workshop where they make music collaboratively

Department: Collections

Location: San Francisco

Reports to: Director of Collections

Status: Full-time

Hours: Monday–Friday, generally

FLSA Code: Exempt

Posting Date: December 31, 2019

Department: Membership

Reports to: Senior Business Manager

Date: November 2019

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Location: San Francisco

Status: Full Time

Hours: 40 Hours, weekends and evenings as needed

Pardon our dust.

The Walt Disney Family Museum is proud to announce that our Teen Animation Festival International (TAFI) will be returning in a new form in October 2021. This festival will showcase the work of teen and student animators from around the world.

Watch this space, subscribe to our e-news, and follow us on social media for updates and announcements, including the name of the revamped festival coming in March 2020.

Sat, Dec 14 | 10:30am–12:30pm

Walt Disney always encouraged his animators to remain lifelong students and continually improve their craft with every project. Bring your art and join us for this informative workshop about how to build a well-rounded portfolio or demo-reel and cater these items to the job or internship you want.

Sun, Jan 12 | 10:30am–12:30pm

Many of Walt Disney’s early films were adaptations of classic European fairytales. Over the years, animated fairytales have become a staple of the animation film industry. Learn more about the history of these whimsical stories and explore the process of turning written word into an animated film.

Sat, Jan 25 | 10am–2pm

Through a guided tour of the galleries, educators learn about the significant role that women played throughout Disney history and discuss various issues that have historically discouraged women from pursuing careers in animation. In the Learning Center, educators will ink and paint a cel of their

Thu, Dec 12

Due to a special event, the museum will close early at 4pm with last gallery entry at 2:45pm.

Daily, except Tuesday | 3pm

This December, we invite you to watch the remarkable story of Walter Elias Disney come to life in documentary, Walt: The Man Behind the Myth (2001). Charmingly narrated by actor Dick Van Dyke, you’ll hear from Disney Legends Alice and Marc Davis, Bob Gurr, Ollie Johnston, Ward Kimball, Floyd Norman,

Daily, except Tuesday | 1pm

In Christmas with Walt Disney—directed by Don Hahn and produced exclusively for the museum—Diane Disney Miller shares stories of how Walt spent the holidays, both at work and at home with his family. This sentimental behind-the-scenes peek includes family home videos alongside seasonal clips from

Special Events
Thu, Dec 12
6–9:30pm party, 5pm & 6pm programs

Celebrate 10 Years of Magic at The Walt Disney Family Museum with a festive Winter Ball hosted at the museum. Toast the last of our series of 10 Year Anniversary programs with exclusive performances by Mouseketeers Sharon Baird and Cubby O'Brien and Broadway actress and vocalist Juliana Hansen (Mary

"Memories of Christmas Past" by Diane Disney Miller
Posted on Sat, 12/25/2010 - 06:00

Christmas is the most exciting time of the year, and not just because of Santa Claus. It is a wonderful time of celebration, of expectation, filled with glorious music. In our home, the excitement began with the Nativity set, which had been carefully packed away just after New Year's Day. It was brought out and all the figures carefully removed from the cotton in which they'd been wrapped...

Our employees strive to achieve and perpetuate the values Walt held so closely in his work and life: 

  • We are dedicated to the mission of the museum and the vision of Walt Disney. 
  • We believe that a quality experience for visitors is possible only when there is a collaborative desire for a job well done and a “can do” attitude. 
  • We strive for excellence in everything we do. We value the diverse contributions of each individual with respect and without judgment. 
  • We foster an atmosphere of supportive challenge and allow the development of insightful, collaborative, and innovative ideas.

We believe that to achieve the level of quality associated with Walt Disney, each person, as an individual and as part of a cohesive team, contributes to delivering a quality experience to every guest of The Walt Disney Family Museum.

Sat, Dec 14 | 1–2:30pm

Skiing was one of Walt’s favorite wintertime activities and, subsequently, one of the last projects he worked on was development of the Mineral King Ski Resort in land that eventually was annexed into California’s Sequoia National Park. Interested and inquisitive individuals can spy Walt’s skis

Sun, Dec 8 | 10:30am–12:30pm

Walt Disney’s love of trains led him to build a ridable miniature railway in his backyard: the Carolwood Pacific Railroad. Many parts of this model train, including the fully-decorated caboose, were handmade or assembled by Walt himself and is currently on display in the museum’s Gallery 9. Join us

Sun, Feb 23 | 10:30am–12:30pm

Unlike the other puppets in Geppetto’s workshop, Pinocchio is a living puppet who is able to dance and move without strings. However, traditional marionette puppets are held up by strings which allow the puppeteer to manipulate their joints in complex movements. Join us in this workshop as we

Sat, Feb 22 | 1–2:30pm

By recording sound to the rhythm of a metronome ball, Walt and his team of animators produced the first Disney cartoon with synchronized sound, Steamboat Willie (1928). With full sound synchronization, audiences experienced new possibilities for the medium of animation that had not proven successful