Nine Old Mentors: Dale Baer’s Reflections

Sat, Jun 16 | 1pm
$30 members | $25 student and youth members | $40 non-members | $35 student and youth non-members

Other Programs

  • Walt Disney’s influence on the world is undeniable. Kevin Lima, director of Enchanted (2007), credits much of his own creative success to the impact Walt had on him. Learn more about how Walt shaped the paths of Lima and others in this compelling talk.
    Sat, May 4 | 1pm
  • Join Mickey Mouse voice actor Bret Iwan for a discussion about how he became the voice of the iconic character, his feelings on what it’s like to portray such a celebrated figure, and the ways in which Walt still lends him inspiration.
    Sat, May 18
    Two Shows: 11am–12:30pm & 3–4:30pm