Conserving Walt’s Legacy:
From True-Life Adventures to Disneynature

Sat, Sep 28 | 1pm
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Walt Disney’s True-Life Adventures began as an experiment with Seal Island (1949), and resulted in eight Academy Award® wins and a legacy that inspired generations of nature documentary filmmakers and conservation leaders. Walt Disney, consistently ahead of his time, understood the importance of nature and educating the public about the many amazing creatures we share our planet with, and was the first to capture an audience’s attention by pairing wildlife film footage with captivating storytelling. Join Disneynature executive Paul Baribault as he explores how the Studios’ Disneynature feature films take inspiration from and strive to continue Walt’s original work on the True-Life Adventure series. Baribault will also discuss his perspectives on how to make impactful wildlife films today, and how Disneynature strives to continue Walt’s legacy in inspiring conservation and understanding of the world around us.

Paul Baribault

About the Speaker

Paul Baribault

Paul Baribault is a Vice President at Walt Disney Studios. He leads Studio Marketing Operations & Strategy for Pixar Animation & Disney Animation Studios, supervising the coordination of print and A/V creative, media, digital, synergy, broadcast creative content, national and field publicity, and national promotions.  Baribault’s team oversaw all-time animation box-office records set, including biggest opening weekend, highest domestic gross, and highest worldwide gross.

Paul also leads Disneynature, a nature brand for the Walt Disney Company which brings the stories of the natural world to life as never before. He oversees Disneynature Feature Production, Marketing, and Brand Development, which has included six of the top seven highest grossing feature-length nature films in industry history, with Chimpanzee garnering a record-breaking opening weekend for the genre. Disneynature represents the first Disney-branded film label in over sixty years, building on the rich legacy of Walt Disney’s Academy Award®-winning series True-Life Adventures.

Paul is on the Board of Directors of The Jane Goodall Institute, on the Executive Committee of Jackson Wild, and Executive Chair to the Aspen Institute High Seas Initiative.  Paul graduated with a BA from Stanford University and an MBA from the University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business. Paul, his wife Emilie, and their three daughters reside in Pasadena, CA.

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