The Beauty and Legacy of Fantasia
with Composer Fabrizio Mancinelli

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Sat, Jun 22 | 1pm

In the late 1930s, Walt Disney embarked upon a collaboration with conductor Leopold Stokowski to create a “Concert Feature,” in which Disney’s artists and storytellers were to be inspired by classical music when creating the visuals for the animated segments of the picture. Of course, this collaboration resulted in Fantasia (1940), which, even today, stands out as an animated masterpiece. Hailed as one of Walt’s finest films, Fantasia is also the focus of this month’s 10th Anniversary celebration, and, through this special talk, speaker Fabrizio Mancinelli, a composer and conductor, will help us honor the film’s enduring legacy. Mancinelli will discuss the importance of music in the films that preceded Fantasia, how color and music work in concert with Fantasia’s animation, and the ways in which this film continues to have a lasting impact on composers, musicians, and film lovers.

About the Speaker | Fabrizio Mancinelli

Italian composer and music producer Fabrizio Mancinelli grew up within the medieval walls of L’Aquila, Italy, a lively town rich with cultural institutions. Surrounded by narrow streets lined with Baroque and Renaissance churches, Mancinelli was attracted at an early age to fine-arts, the opera and eventually, film scores.

Following the passionate advice of composer Gian Carlo Menotti (whom he later assisted in the staging of his operas at the Spoleto Festival in Italy), Mancinelli enrolled in the Music Composition Program at the Conservatory Alfredo Casella, L’Aquila, Italy where he graduated in 2006 with honors in both composition and conducting. Soon after he went on to study under the guidance of BAFTA and Academy Award®-winning composer Luis Bacalov. Pursuant to receiving a Fulbright Grant, Mancinelli studied Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television at the University of Southern California and graduated in 2009.

Since then, Mancinelli has composed music for multiple venues and media (including concerts, theater, film, television and the web) and has closely collaborated with many different directors and prestigious institutions. His music for the Italian Rai 3 TV Talk Show “Agorà” has aired daily 2010/17 and his original score for the feature documentary Theodore Thomas’ Growing Up with Nine Old Men. A short list of his other clients includes The Walt Disney Studios, Feeln (Hallmark), Lionsgate, Rai, Mediaset (Taodue), Studio Bozzetto, Felix Film, NBC, Dick Clark Production Company, The Golden Globes, Wizart Animation and Warner Bros. Animation.

He has recently completed the original score and an original song for the animated feature The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands (Wizart Animation - Universal), and the original scores for the thriller Coyote Lake (Good Deed Entertainment/Cranked Up) and for the Italian comedy Scappo a Casa (Agidi/Medusa), starring the Italian renowned comedian Aldo Baglio. His original Score for the musical Beauty (winner of the "Alice nella Citta's section at the 2018 Rome Film Festival) has been awarded the best original score award at the 2018 Genova Film Festival.

Future projects include Andreas Deja’s animated film Mushka, on which he will work alongside Mary Poppins (1964) songwriter Richard M. Sherman. Mancinelli is a Sundance Film Music Fellow (2015) and BMI Conducting fellow (2016), voting Member of the Academy of Television, Arts and Sciences (Emmys) and of Asifa, and founder of Fab Music, INC.—a music and sound production company based in Glendale, California.

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