Spirit of the Season Exhibition Details

Marina Villar Delgado, Exhibitions & Collections (Santa Clara, California, United States)


Watercolor on paper

Katlin Cunningham, Collections (Oakland, California, United States)

Christmas Frosting

Paint on canvas

Theresa Von Dohlen, Exhibitions (San Francisco, California, United States)

Stay Cozy

Digital artwork

A hot drink on a winter evening is almost worth the cold weather. Mulled wine, hot cider, tea, or peppermint hot cocoa, is all improved by good company and good entertainment. Stay Cozy is a mock risograph print, which is a limited color printing process where each color is applied as a separate layer. I hope this piece reminds you to savor the warm moments this holiday season.

Crystal Lee Bhimji (Liberty Hill, Texas, United States)

Sweet Travelers Christmas




The sweet smell of gingerbread is really my only holiday tradition. From a child building houses and cookies to an adult smelling the fresh baked ginger bread in Christmas markets.

Vanessa Estelle Salgado (Salisbury, Maryland, United States)

Nutcracker in 30 Seconds

Illustration, paper craft, and stop motion video


Designed as a printable craft for families to create and learn about the holiday tradition of the Nutcracker together, this work began as a sketch on paper and was then illustrated digitally before printing, cutting, and assembling into 3D form. For added magic, it was photographed and made into a miniature stop motion animation ballet titled, The Nutcracker in 30 Seconds.

Stefan R. Sanford (Chino Valley, Arizona, United States)

Three Kings

Pens, markers, and colored pencils


Three Kings represents Three Kings Day. The Three Wise Men known as Melchior, Caspar, and Balthazar represented Europe, Arabia, and Africa. Traveling by horse, camel, and elephant the Three Kings presented symbolic gifts to baby Jesus.

Raymond J. Stovich (San Jose, California, United States)

Polish Christmas Caroling

Acrylic paint on canvas

In Poland, groups of carolers would go through neighborhoods and visit friends' houses. In the Krakow area, the groups would be led by a person carrying a large star, and others carrying a large "nativity." This was a church-like building made of cardboard and covered with colored foils. Nativity characters, also made of foil, were placed on this structure. In Chicago we celebrated with a 3-day festival in the school hall. Each group wore costumes from their native region and lead local carols.

Melissa Cannioto (Navarre, Florida, United States)

First Snow of Christmas

Digital illustration made with Procreate


The magic and stillness of the first snow of the season. That incredible moment as a child, filled with awe and excitement, when the first white flakes fall. Christmas in the countryside of England is always accentuated in those rare years when snow actually falls in time for December 25.

Karen Joy Spratt (Petaluma, California, United States)

Sweet Tidings

Oil paint on canvas



I am fascinated with Hokusai's Great Wave. I think it's the fractal nature of the wave that draws me to paint in different ways.

Kevin Ang (San Francisco, California, United States)

A Helping Hand

Digital, sculpted in VR, Photoshop (on canvas)



During 2020, I made this piece in dedication to all the frontliners who have, and continue to, put their lives on the line, keeping us all safe despite the lack of PPE on a daily basis. May they receive all the light they need in these dark times.

Audric E. Goo (San Francisco, California, United States)

Look to the sky...for a sparkling New Year!

Acrylic paint on canvas

A brighter New Year for San Francisco!

Audric E. Goo (San Francisco, California, United States)

Mele Kalikimaka

Acrylic paint on canvas

May your holiday be sunny and bright!

Anabella Schofield (San Carlos, California, United States)

A Gift of Gingersnap Cookies

Digital illustration


My grandmother used to make gingersnap cookies, and my family loves to use the same gingersnap recipe for our tradition of making cookies and dropping them off on doorsteps. It is a special way to add a bit of sweetness to others' lives and to cultivate the spirit of giving each Christmas season!

Katie Judson (Canada)

O, Christmas Tree

Digital illustration


The Christmas holidays have always been my favourite time of year. Full of magic, wonder, love, family and friends. So many beautiful traditions, both old and new. One of our family's favourite traditions is decorating the Christmas tree. Reliving the lovely memories connected to each beautiful ornament, Christmas music joyfully playing in the background, scrumptious holiday treats close at hand, and the laughter and smiles of our family being together.

Amy Beth Finegold (New York, New York, United States)

Gingerbread Man Lighthouse

Recycled materials: holiday catalogue, paper towel roll, tissue box, travel magazine, snack wrapper, and memo pad


This Gingerbread Man Lighthouse is my vision of the holidays for sailors to find their way home. With the help of Mickey Mouse, Pluto, and a few deer the sailors can see the Gingerbread Man at the top to lead them safely home. Welcome home, sailors and Lighthouse Innkeeper.

Olivia Riley Todd (Wake Forest, North Carolina, United States)

Christmas Breakfast

Ballpoint ink on paper


Every year, my family makes cinnamon rolls for breakfast on Christmas Day. I know, it's not the most spectacular part of the season, however it is the most relaxing, particularly with the smell of the spices within the vegan treat. Yes, the presents are great and all, however, I see it as a short reminder of something: to savor the little things you do that make your day a little better. And, hopefully, with the simplicity of this piece, it makes others feel the same way.

Olivia Riley Todd (Wake Forest, North Carolina, United States)


Acrylic paint on canvas


Even though the Christmas season is approaching soon, our family will always be in the spooky spirit. As a family centered on the spirit of Halloween, we love to bring our style with colors of October. Particularly in this piece, although there is more meaning within this artwork since it is specifically rendered to fit into one of my art portfolios, the vivid colors remind me of the fall season that I'd like to share with all of you.

Laziza Djumabaeva (United States)

East is a Delicate Matter

Acrylic paint

"Shah-i-Zinda," meaning the "Living King," is a famous building in Uzbekistan.

Olivia Riley Todd (Wake Forest, North Carolina, United States)

I May Speak

Acrylic paint on canvas


With wintertime being the Season of Giving, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of speaking for the greater good. As the individuals in the background of this piece are rather judgemental, you have the capability to showcase your own opinions and experiences in consideration for others. As I progressively continue to do services in my community and display issues or topics of discussion within my pieces, this artwork is a constant reminder to keep fighting for everyone's voice.

Keila Marciel (Fairfield, California, United States)

A Sweet Gathering

Digital illustration



For me, the holidays are all about gathering around the table with your loved ones. Whether you celebrate with the family you were born into, your chosen family, or maybe just your dog begging at the edge of the table, make the most of the holiday season this year! I chose to depict a feast, because I feel this is the highlight of everyone's winter festivities. Of course, the one shown here is on the sweeter side and includes just a bit of magic.

Alex Name (Alexandria, Virginia, United States)

Xmas 2020

Watercolor paint



A very special Xmas…

Ava Kennedy (San Francisco, California, United States)

Batteries Not Included

Screws and zip ties


A playful interpretation of a dilemma faced by children and adults alike on Christmas day. You have a brand new toy only to realize you are missing the one element needed to make it work.

Danny R. Henderson (San Angelo, Texas, United States)

Freestyle Christmas Tree

Colored pencil, highlighters, ink pen, and smudge tool in Illustrator


Freestyle Christmas Tree is a colorful fun flair and twist on a Christmas tree.

Gracie Balistreri (Carmel, California, United States)

Tree Treats


Thank you to Walt for bringing us so much magic we can celebrate at holiday time and always!

Ivan Soucase Gonzalez (Madrid, Spain)

Christmas Countdown



The Christmas is coming yet and it's time for joy. Keep our most appreciated traditions and share with our beloved partners.

Anabella and Sofia Schofield (California, United States)

Children's Books and Christmas Cheer

Digital photography


Growing up as twin sisters and avid readers, a tradition we have shared since childhood is to get out our stack of Christmas children's books and read together. Dreaming of becoming authors, we collaborated to write and illustrate Ladybug's Garden, and then the sequel, Ladybug's Christmas, a Christmas children's book of our own. With our goal to share kindness and inspire young readers, we are thrilled to continue our Christmas tradition with our own book now added to the stack.

Sofia Schofield (California, United States)

A Focus on Faith

Digital photography


Each Christmas, it is my family's tradition to display this beautiful wooden nativity from Hong Kong, where my late grandparents served as missionaries sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. This nativity is a reminder of why my family celebrates Christmas: remembering the birth of Jesus Christ and that He came to Earth so our family will see each other again.

Anabella and Sofia Schofield (California, United States)

Home Movies Are Where the Heart Is



At Christmas time, we love to take videos of the memories we are making and edit them together into home movies. We combined this tradition with our love of playing Christmas music together to create a Christmas video accompanied by a recording of "Silent Night."

Anne Elizabeth Zogby (Los Angeles, California, United States)

Season's Greetings

Acrylic paint on canvas

The holidays are the most magical time of year. Some of my traditions include decorating the tree, enjoying all the lights and enchantment of the season, and an annual trip to Disneyland. My favorite tradition though is giving gifts to my loved ones which inspired this Christmas wrapping paper painting.

Madelyn Hsieh (United States)

A Few Fun Things in Christmas


Some of my favorite things about Christmas as a Google Doodle.

Sophia H. Lee (San Francisco, California, United States)

Under the Ivy, Entrance to a Secret Garden

Hand-cut urban waste with encaustics on plexiglass over photo print on an LED light box



The garden is a sanctuary for my mother. I learned my love for plants and flowers because of her. When she became ill a few years back, I thought to create a series that would make her smile. The series explores abstract patterns that mimic the movement of leaves and petals, through reclaimed material collected from food packaging, cosmetics, and junk mail. Collaged into multiple layers, the refuse creates textured surfaces of bold colors.

Jasmine Grace Lee (Millbrae, California, United States)

Palm Springs Christmas

Acrylic paint

Christmas in the Palm Springs area isn't quite like anywhere else. It's colorful, vibrant, still sunny and warm, and yet surrounded by snowy purple mountains. It's home for the holidays!

Katie Carone (California, United States)

Gifts from La Befana

Paper cutouts and gouache paint


I grew up hearing the story of La Befana from my Nonni. We receive gifts from Befana on the 6th of January because she missed the opportunity to visit baby Jesus with the Three Wise Men since she was busy sweeping. She delivers gifts to all the children in hopes that one will be received by Jesus. This story is very sweet and I love having a unique Christmas tradition from my Italian background. Included in my piece are the cookies I make with my Nonni every year around Christmas.

Pragati Sharma (Sunnyvale, California, United States)

Durga - Mahishasurmardini

Mixed media on canvas



Durga - Mahishasurmaridni is a triptych showing the warrior Goddess "Durga" who is worshipped to celebrate her victory over the demon "Mahishasur." In this triptych she is holding various weapons in each painting as if she is ready to "Slay the Demon." With these strong stances I celebrate the power of a mother that is within each one of us. My artworks are done in a maximalist tradition and I draw subtly from the miniature and folk paintings of India.

Reshma Bhoopal (Mountain View, California, United States)

Santa Wreath




Christmas is such a festive holiday. Glass is a beautiful medium to work with and I wanted to make something that embodies the festive spirit which is so magical. I have enjoyed making this wreath using two different techniques. The Santa has been fused in the kiln and is put together with the wreath using the tiffany copper foil technique. Fused glass holly accents are added to complete the wreath.

Juliana Rincon (San Francisco, California, United States)


Ink on paper


Pan-American Hispania with a BA in Dramatic Arts, exploring fiber, textile, paper, and sculptural media. A proto-Peruvian retablo pays homage to the country of my birth, its prosceniums ready to receive the viewer in planning and reimagining the spirit of the season. Candles are used to give ambiance instead as a response to the blackouts from the yearly Xmas terrorist attacks on power towers I remember from my childhood. Red for the Peruvian flag, meaning swapped for love and abundance.

Becky S. Forss (Glendora, California, United States)

Coming Home

Ink, pastel, colored pencil, and acrylic paint


Coming Home... Being home with your family is the best part of Christmas.

Alyssa N. Fierro (Galloway, New Jersey, United States)


Digital illustration



The holidays do not have to be a certain date or a special occasion, but that special time you spend with the ones you love the most. Whether you spend every day with them, or only see them ever so often, taking the time to enjoy each other's company always feels like a holiday—warm and loving. In this piece I chose to use a rough, line art style in a "scrapbook"-like design to emphasize the happiness felt when reminiscing on old photographs of you with your family.

Kelly Mortell (Fortville, Indiana, United States)

Early Christmas Morning

Acrylic paint on paper


One of the most magical Christmas moments in our family is waking up early and hurrying down the stairs to catch the first glimpse of the Christmas tree.

Kerry Patten (Nanaimo, Canada)

In the shadow of Edinburgh Castle

Digital photography

Christmas is a really special time in Edinburgh, Scotland. You can literally walk through history in the shadow of the castle, drinking mulled wine and roast chestnuts.

Justin Marshall (Woodbridge, New Jersey, United States)

A Trip to the City

Digital illustration


Every year, my family would choose a date to get together and drive into the city to visit the tree. It was about togetherness surrounded by magic.

Clark diLorenzo (Marietta, Georgia, United States)

Quiet Christmas



Quietly, Christmas comes.

Patty O'Donnell (Laguna Beach, California, United States)


Watercolor paint and ink

Alejandro Carrillo De La Fuente (Saltillo, Mexico)

Magical Seasons, Magical Memories

Digital illustration


This time of the year is full of magical moments & traditions. Just like Walt, I believe that holidays make us relax, celebrate, and create beautiful memories with the people we love. As a commemoration of WDFM's Spirit of the Season exhibition, I created this artwork with a village full of magic, from people all around the world celebrating their different traditions. It represents the union of a village embracing these traditions and lighting up the town with our beautiful hearts and spirits.

Alejandro Carrillo De La Fuente (Saltillo, Mexico)

Cheers to the Memories

Digital illustration


Different holidays are celebrated around the world during this season. Just like Walt, I believe that holidays make us create new memories. As a commemoration of WDFM's Spirit of the Season exhibition, I created this artwork full of beautiful memories and traditions like Toji, taking a selfie, etc. Just like Walt, I believe that what makes us love this time of the year is that we get time to relax, spend time with our loved ones, and celebrate beautiful traditions.

Karen & Todd Schofield (California, United States)

The Light

Digital photography

The spirit of the season to our family means celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, the Light who came into the world to show us the way.

John Frederick Barrows (Belmont, California, United States)

Dickens Carolers

Oil paint on board


The spirit of the season to me is that of the Christmas holiday. Christmas not only represents the birth of Jesus, but is when people take time off from their usual concerns and enjoy family and friends. My wife and I enjoy going to the Dickens Christmas Fair where the choir sings songs of "Joy to the World."

Jessica DePrest (Los Angeles, California, United States)

The Wintergreen Dalecarlian Horse

Acrylic paint and artificial greenery


The Dalecarlian Horse is traditionally a wooden toy horse, painted with bright colors. Originally made in Sweden, the decorations on traditional Dalecarlian Horses often would reflect the localities in which they were produced. This series of three Dalecarlian Horses reflects my own family and our traditions.

Kerry Patten (Nanaimo, Canada)

Christmas in Canada!


Christmas in Canada is all about snow, and with that snow comes the issue of snow removal. This is what it is like on Prince Edward Island in Canada—multiples times throughout the day—just so people can use their cars and go and see their loved ones

Jessica DePrest (Los Angeles, California, United States)

The Belgian Dalecarlian Horse

Acrylic paint


The Wintergreen Dalecarlian Horse represents my earliest memories of celebrating the holidays with my family; The Belgian Dalecarlian Horse represents those family members that I don't get to see every year, but celebrate with in spirit; and The Revelling Dalecarlian Horse represents the community, song, and dance of the holidays.

Jessica DePrest (Los Angeles, California, United States)

The Revelling Dalecarlian Horse

Acrylic paint on foil cardstock


The Wintergreen, Belgian, and Revelling Dalecarlian Horses are to me reminders of the traditions, community, and joy that defines the holiday season.

Jen Seggio (Staten Island, New York, United States)

Family by Candlelight

Colored pencil on black paper



One thing I look forward to every Christmas is simply being with my family by the Christmas tree. The love my family shares is personified in the candle's flames; without them, the Christmas tree would be nothing but a blank, empty tree, just as the holidays would be meaningless without the love we share with others. I illustrated this by using colored pencils on black paper, bringing color and light out of the darkness.

Ana Lazaro (San Francisco, California, United States)

The Three Kings

Acrylic paint on wood



The Three Kings hold special significance in our family. Much like Santa, kids in Spain await with eager anticipation the arrival of their beloved "Reyes Magos" bringing presents on January 5th. Astrologers have looked at historical records in search of evidence that could explain the Christmas Star that guided the Three Wise Men. A recent theory is that the bright planetary conjunction of Jupiter and Venus could have guided the Three Wise Men, which was used as inspiration for this painting.

Mackenzie Bowles (Oakland, California, United States)

Tis the Spirit

Digital illustration using Procreate


Sally Ann O'Donnell (Laguna Beach, California, United States)

Nativity Scene

Marker and pen on paper

My mom has collected a lot of nativities (pieces of art depicting the birth of Christ), and every Christmas, she takes them out and displays them on the shelves. From the simple, wooden ones to the colorful and elaborate szopki she got in Poland while on her honeymoon, I always look forward to seeing them every year. This piece is a tribute to those beautiful nativities.

Clark diLorenzo (Marietta, Georgia, United States)

The Star Shines for All



Kerry Patten (Nanaimo, Canada)

Candy Canes Christmas

Digital photography

I love going to the Christmas markets in Ottawa, Canada. The lights are gorgeous and the food stalls are great too.

Ata'ataoletaeao McNealy (San Francisco, California, United States)

Kwanzaa is Lit

Digital print



This piece is dedicated to Kwanzaa which means "first fruits" in Swahili. It is a holiday rooted in African traditions, and celebrated by many communities across America. Each candle in the KINARA or candleholder represents the 7 Kwanzaa Principles, which are: Umoja (Unity), Kujichagulia (Self-Determination), Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility), Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics), Nia (Purpose), Kuumba (Creativity), and Imani (Faith). Stay lit everyone!

Alex Name (Alexandria, Virginia, United States)


Watercolor paint



"We are watched
Color of our lives
Beauty of our neglect
Eyes skies open
To all the nothing
Something we missed
Though they look
Patches of blue
Root un green
Beneath the scene
Earth Birth Turn”

Story by Kevin Eubanks

Judith Roach Komoroske (Menlo Park, California, United States)

Winter Sky


Judith Roach Komoroske (Menlo Park, California, United States)

Winter Walk


Judith Roach Komoroske (Menlo Park, California, United States)

Winter Quiet


Julia Vann (Martinez, California, United States)

Winter Soulstice

Oil paint on canvas


Winter Soulstice celebrates my deep connection to nature and a tradition I practice during Winter Solstice. As our Earth has its seasonal shifts and transitions, I see solstices as our time to disconnect and reconnect to the things that matter most to us, especially energy, as we are all part of this greater energetic ecosystem. For me, this means taking the day to submerge myself into the ocean, which flows with one of the biggest energetic currents. As Earth shifts into the winter solstice, I see my soul on the brink of shifting and evolving into the new year. I take the time to honor what the universe has blessed me with over the years, and ground myself within the ocean in order to cleanse and prepare for what’s to come. In this painting, you see my emergence from water—rising up to the surface, simultaneously in an alternate world of above and below. My soul is one with the light, the same light that reflects on water and the same light that twinkles in the stars.

Joshua Filippi (Modesto, California, United States)

My Very Own Christmas Tree

Oil on canvas

I am a young adult with Autism. Art helps me communicate and relate to people. I enjoy expressing myself with different art projects. This piece is about my favorite part of the holidays our Christmas trees. We have a tree in almost every room in our house and they are all decorated differently. We have a shiny tree, a family tree, and even a tree decorated with candy. The tree in my bedroom is decorated with ornaments that I have collected my whole life. It is so fun to put each ornament on and think about all of the places we have been and the things we have done. I painted oil on canvas and used a technique where I spray water on the oil paint to get the spots and drips. I turned the spots and drips into ornaments and tinsel adding more layers to the painting. I finished it with glitter to make “snow," even though it never snows at my house!

Kerry Patten (Nanaimo, Canada)

It'll Soon be Summer

Digital photography

Christmas is a great time of year in Ottawa and we still like to get out and about in spite of the snow. But we're still secretly longing for summer and ice cream!

Adam McKinney (Vallejo, California, United States)

First Street

Digital photography

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it’s important to savor the quieter moments in between the traditions and commitments of the holidays.

Josseline Tanus (Alameda, California, United States)

El Viejo (the old man)

Digital illustration


Victor Carreras, Joan Turro (Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain)

Winter Poem [Barcelona Dreamin']

Digital photography and original music

Elora Lam Cuenco, Guest Experience (San Francisco, California, United States)

In Christmas

Digital illustration



In Christmas is a piece representative of the artist's tradition of finding Christmas in the form of picturesque postcard places. To the artist, what brings Christmas to life is being in Christmas itself. The sights, smells, tastes, sounds—having all the senses engulfed with the Spirit of the Holidays is what she and her family search for, whether it be in the bustling city, the quaint and homey towns, or even in her neighborhood's own personal "streets of London."

Maureen Shields (San Francisco, California, United States)

The Year I Got Coal

Silkscreen on paper



Artist Maureen Shields was born and raised in Southern California. She earned a BFA in Drawing and Painting from California State University Long Beach and a MFA from New York University.

She makes mixed media works on wood that combine paint, collage, handmade stickers, gold leaf, and glitter. Her printed matter and source material range from vintage LIFE magazines from the 1950s to vintage children’s books from the 1970s and 80s.

Sheena Boyd, Facilities (San Francisco, California, United States)

Dear Santa

Font: Archer Pro Semibold; imagery insets selected from clip art

With gratitude to a mum who recognized me from a very early age and supported me in the best way she knew how.

Jenna K. L'Italien-Uppal, Education (Novato, California, United States)

The Light of the Season

Digital painting

May the light of the season warm our hearts all year long.

Martin Salazar, Collections (San Francisco, California, United States)

Paper Shapes

Digital photography

Martin Salazar, Collections (San Francisco, California, United States)

Paper Shapes

Paint and paper

Katlin Cunningham, Collections (Oakland, California, United States)

Fros Tea

Fabric and wood

Kaitlin Buickel, Exhibitions (California, United States)

Winter Blues

Mixed media on canvas

Kaitlin Buickel, Exhibitions (California, United States)

Holiday Reef

Mixed media on canvas

Caitlin Moneypenny-Johnston, Marketing & Communications (Santa Rosa, California, United States)

My Favorite Things (Miss Pissy, Piggy, and Smokey)

Wool yarn, watercolor on paper, and scrapbook paper

Wintertime makes me feel particularly grateful for the comfort of pets, the presence of loved ones, having a warm home, and being surrounded by trees and nature. In this artwork, what started out as a silly idea from a team Zoom meeting turned into work that symbolizes my favorite and most essential things.

Alison Chenoweth Revel, Ticketing (San Francisco, California, United States)

Grandma’s Tiny Town

Mixed media on paper

Tracie Timmer, Public Programs (San Francisco, California, United States)

Festive Fred

Gouache paint



Based on our very grumpy cat Fred, who really only enjoys the parts of the holiday's where he can eat lots of cookies. I think we all can relate.