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Field Trips
Mon, Wed, Thu & Fri | 10–11:30am & 1–2:30pm

Students learn about Walt Disney and his team of Imagineers to see how their creativity and dreams led to the construction of Disneyland. During the workshop, students create a ride blueprint, collaboratively prototype designs by assembling and testing a variety of ride tracks, and—like real

Field Trips
Mon, Wed, Thu, & Fri | 10–11:30am
On this tour, our littlest students learn all about the importance of color in animation. In the galleries, they explore how color is used as a form of storytelling to set the mood of animated movies. In the Learning Center, they create their own color scripts to gain a better understanding of how
Field Trips
Mon, Wed, Thu & Fri | 10am–noon
In the galleries, students discover the importance of storytelling in animation by engaging in interactive activities focused on the concepts of character, setting, and plot. In the Learning Center, they will illustrate and animate a story using a zoetrope, a device that produces the illusion of
Field Trips
Mon, Wed, Thu, & Fri | 10am–noon
In the galleries, students discover how Walt encouraged his staff to experiment with special effects technology to make animation more compelling and realistic, and how the resulting advancements inspired the industry as a whole. In the Learning Center, students experiment with a mini Multiplane
Field Trips
Mon, Wed, Thu, & Fri | 10am–noon & 1–3pm
Students take a tour through the galleries highlighting the importance of music throughout Walt's life. With a focus on masterpieces like the Silly Symphonies (1929–39) and Fantasia (1940), the guided tour then transitions students into an interactive workshop where they make music collaboratively
Field Trips
Mon, Wed, Thu & Fri | 10am–noon
In the galleries, students step into Walt’s shoes, using their imaginations as they discover exciting moments in Walt’s life and the history of animation. In the Learning Center, students star in their own short animated movie using an engaging stop-motion technique called “pixilation” to gain a
Field Trips
Mon, Wed, Thu & Fri | 10am–noon & 1–3pm

Students tour the main museum galleries in search of unique hand-drawn special effects in Disney classics from 1937 to 1966, discussing The Walt Disney Studios’ many technological innovations, like the Multiplane Camera that brought new dimensions to Walt’s stories. In the Learning Center, students

Field Trips
Mon, Wed, Thu, & Fri | 10am–noon and 1–3pm

In the galleries, students reflect on the work of Imagineers, who worked under Walt at WED Enterprises during the 1950s and 60s to imagine, research, design, and build some of Disney’s most iconic and revolutionary projects and attractions. In the Learning Center, students apply these concepts to

Field Trips
8–9am PST on Wednesdays
1:30–2:30pm PST on Thursdays & Fridays
Benefitting from embedded digital media content, this walk-through the museum brings Walt’s inspirational message to life. Classes learn about his early failures, the art of animation, storytelling principles, and the technological innovations that made classics like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Field Trips
Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri | 10am–4pm
School groups are welcome to explore the museum’s galleries on their own at a discounted school rate. Self-guided school groups have access to the museum’s core galleries, special exhibitions, and film screenings. Be sure to pick up a STEAM Self-Guide handout for each student to use while touring

Enjoy screenings of classic Disney films in our Fantasia-themed theater. Film tickets are sold on a first-come, first-served basis and must be purchased in-person at the Ticket Desk on the day of your visit. Please check our calendar on the day of your visit for the most up-to-date schedule, exceptions, and pricing. See a schedule of our upcoming films in list form here

July | Select Saturdays & Sundays: 1pm & 4pm
No 1pm & 4pm screenings Saturday, July 13

This month, join us for a screening of Ted Thomas’s documentary Walt and El Grupo, detailing Walt’s 1941 goodwill tour of South America with his team of talented Disney artists. Hear the behind-the-scenes stories from the trip that later inspired the films Saludos Amigos (1943) and The Three

The Walt Disney Family Museum’s Advisory Committee is made up of extraordinary individuals, each with a substantial list of remarkable personal and professional achievements. Their combined insight, experience, and vision provide important strategic guidance for the museum in carrying out its mission and expanding its outreach and impact. Constituted in April 2015 to complement the museum’s Board of Directors, the Advisory Committee comprises the following distinguished members:

Walt Disney with dinosaurs, “Disneyland Goes to the World Fair” (1964)
Posted on Mon, 05/20/2019 - 10:31
On November 30, 1955, Walt Disney’s Disneyland television program aired “The Story of the Animated Drawing,” an hour-length exploration of the medium that had made Walt famous. The show presented a documentary of the history of animation—from its ancient origins to its more modern innovations. During the 1910s and 20s, one of the medium’s dominant artists was renowned cartoonist Winsor McCay.
Map of Disney family ancestry
Posted on Mon, 05/20/2019 - 09:28
The roots of the Disney family tree begin in earnest in Normandy, France, and make stops in Ireland and Canada before Walt's father, Elias, is born.

Our Board of Directors includes two generations of Walt Disney’s family and exceptional leaders from our community.

Mon–Fri | Jul 22–Aug 2

Tickets sold out. Join us for a two-week intensive exploration of cinematography as well as an exclusive look into the field as it exists today with guest animators from the film industry. Students will focus on what it means to be a director of photography, and how visuals can reinforce the

Mon–Fri | Jul 22–Aug 2 | 9am–4pm

Join us as we explore animation techniques while simultaneously learning about race, ethnicity, and cultures from around the world and how to represent diversity and diverse stories within your work. In this two-week class, you will study diverse stories, learn more about the writing tropes that

Mon–Fri | Jul 8–19 | 9am–4pm

This incredible two-week journey will take a look at what it means to be a woman in animation and helps students design their own female lead characters while teaching them about narrative structure and fairy tales as well as the writing tropes and stereotypes that still exist in animated films.