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Jan | Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun: 3pm
No Weekday Screenings: Jan 9 & 25

As the museum celebrates its tenth year as an institution, we look back on another film celebrating an anniversary: The Shaggy Dog. For sixty years, this film has put smiles on viewers’ faces—and it’s sure to put one on yours as well as the befuddled Wilson Daniels, played by Fred MacMurray, tries

Jan | Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun: 1pm | Sat: 4pm
No Weekday Screening: Jan 9; No Weekend Screenings: Jan 5 & 26.

As the museum celebrates its tenth year as an institution, we look back on a masterpiece that is also commemorating an anniversary: Sleeping Beauty. All month long, help us celebrate the 60th anniversary of this enchanting film by joining the three good fairies, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, as

Field Trips
Mon, Wed, Thu, & Fri | 10–11:30am
On this tour, our littlest students learn all about the importance of color in animation. In the galleries, children explore how color is used as a form of expression for different emotions or how color can help to set the mood of an animated movie. In the Learning Center, they enjoy story time and
Sat, Feb 2 | 1–2:30pm
After the 1923 bankruptcy of his first studio, Laugh-O-gram Films, Walt Disney gathered his belongings, stuffed them in a frayed suitcase, and left Kansas City for a fresh start in Hollywood. See this iconic moment in gallery 1, and then learn how perfect timing and pacing, along with solid drawing,
Sat, Jan 26 | 1–2:30pm
Join us for a workshop that focuses on this age-old trick, in which you will learn about the proper timing and spacing one needs in order to create a piece of animation that seamlessly repeats itself.
Sat, Jan 26 | 10am–2pm
In an ode to the Imagineers who worked under Walt at WED Enterprises during the 1950s and 60s, educators are invited to engage in a hands-on workshop that explores the basics of critical thinking and design strategies. While problem-solving collaboratively, learn how to utilize the 21st century

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Sep 26, 2018–Jan 7, 2019
Features the artistic self-expression of young men in Bay Area juvenile detention centers, this is the third in a series of Community Access Exhibitions inspired by the vision of Diane Disney Miller.
May 17, 2018–Jan 7, 2019
Explore never-before-seen, original artwork from all Walt Disney Studios' animated features beginning with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) to The Fox and the Hound (1981).
Eric Larson at animation desk, 1951; courtesy of Walt Disney Archives Photo Library, © Disney
Posted on Wed, 12/19/2018 - 14:59

The year was 1905. Theodore Roosevelt was president, a quart of fresh milk cost about 7 cents, and Eric Cleon Larson was born on September 3 in Cleveland, Utah. While Disney fans know Larson as one of Walt’s famous “Nine Old Men” of animation, his path to get there was hardly a straight line. In fact, during an interview not long before his retirement, he was asked how he ended up with Disney. His reply: “This is the last place I expected to be.”

Field Trips
Mon, Wed, Thu & Fri | 10–11:30am & 1–2:30pm

Students learn about Walt Disney and his team of Imagineers to see how their creativity and dreams led to the construction of Disneyland. During the workshop, students create a ride blueprint, collaboratively prototype designs by assembling and testing a variety of ride tracks, and (like real

Get involved and motivated with programs that provide creative spaces for original art making and glimpses into the inner workings of the animation field, in addition to experiences meant to inspire and celebrate innovation.

Every Sun, Mar 17–May 5 | 1:30–4pm
Exception: No class on Apr 21.

Walt’s journey into the field of animation began with the stop motion method. Before he started producing his own Laugh-O-gram shorts, he worked for the Kansas City Film Ad Company, where he produced stop motion commercials using a cutouts (featured in gallery 1).  Join us for this eight-week course

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Every Wed, Jan 9–Feb 27 | 4–6pm
During this eight-week course, each class will focus on one of these core concepts in relation to working traditionally with pencil and paper.
Every Wed, Oct 24–Dec 19 (No class Nov 21) | 4–6pm

Successful animators must always first have a comprehensive understanding of basic animation techniques and principles. This eight-week course focuses on one of these concepts in each class by working traditionally with pencil and paper. Budding animators develop a strong foundation, continue to

Sat, Jan 5 | 5pm

At this exclusive, members only event, hear from Disney producer Don Hahn, curator of Walt Disney’s Nine Old Men: Masters of Animation. Hear how the Nine Old Men influenced Hahn’s own illustrious career and watch the exclusive film he created for the museum’s exhibition. Following the talk, mingle

Sat, Dec 15 | 10:30am–noon
In 1954, Walt Disney began construction on a long-awaited dream, Disneyland. The project required a new team of creatives to makes his vision into a reality. Walt chose one of his Nine Old Men, animator Marc Davis, to help develop many of the theme parks characters and attraction designs. In fact,
Fri, Mar 15 | 2:30–2:50pm

In this fun, hands-on session, learn how to make your drawings come to life, while putting your creativity in the spotlight. Using a step-by-step process, an instructor will teach artists of all ages how to draw their own version of a steamboat.

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