Chris Miller: Kaleidoscope

San Francisco, October 27, 2022—The Walt Disney Family Museum is honored to host Chris Miller: Kaleidoscope, a new exhibition of recent works by painter Chris Miller. The exhibition will be on display in the museum’s Lower Lobby and free to view from Thursday, November 17, 2022 through March 20, 2023.

This vibrant collection consists of abstract paintings of both large and small scale that Chris created over this past year, complemented by a singular, special piece from his archives. Each artwork explores captured or remembered experiences in nature—the beauty of unique trees, rocks, flowers, and views, which have long served as sources of Chris’ inspiration—and the powerful influences of past and present artists.

A native Californian, Chris was born in Carmel and grew up in southern California. During his childhood years, the San Fernando Valley was in its late transition from an agriculture hub to a suburb, and pockets of abandoned orchards were interspersed with emergent residential subdivisions. Those orchards and the nearby Santa Monica Mountains afforded access to the natural world, and, as with many children, Chris was frequently absorbed in expressing experiences in crayon and colored pencil drawings, giving physical form to his imagination. He would also find inspiration and encouragement from his grandfather, Walt Disney.

Chris reflects, “When I was maybe 7 or 8, and the subject of my art was dominated by detailed depictions of classic American western gunfights, Civil War battlefields, sinking battleships, and aerial dogfights, my grandfather introduced me to a simple, little art game by making a random scribble on paper and then adding small details to convert it into a recognizable form: a tree, an apple, a mouse! … I took my grandfather’s exercise and played it in reverse, breaking down recognizable objects into color, form, and texture that might be vaguely familiar—welcoming scrutiny and inviting exploration. I paint the occasional landscapes, still lifes, and portraits, but abstraction is my ground.”

On the heels of a successful exhibition at the Napa Valley Museum Yountville earlier this year, Kaleidoscope will premiere Chris’ newest collection of work. Additionally, artwork showcased in this exhibition will be available for purchase through the museum’s website and in the Museum Store, with all proceeds benefitting the museum’s educational efforts, including The Walt Disney Family Museum Animation Academy.

Kirsten Komoroske, Executive Director of The Walt Disney Family Museum says, “We are delighted and honored to showcase Chris’ beautiful work at the museum. We are also deeply grateful to Chris for his generosity in donating the proceeds from the sale of the artworks to our educational initiatives. His mother and the museum’s co-founder, Diane Disney Miller, prioritized arts education—with an emphasis on reaching marginalized communities—as a critical component of the museum’s mission, and Chris’ generosity allows us to continue to amplify those efforts.”