Studio Series: Designing a Sidekick

Ages 7‑17
Sat, Nov 3 | 1–2:30pm
SOLD OUT | $10 members | $15 non-members
Learning Center

Ollie Johnston, one of Walt Disney’s legendary Nine Old Men, animated and helped shape many iconic supporting characters, including Mr. Smee from Peter Pan (1953), the King of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland (1951), and the stepsisters from Cinderella (1950). In the early stages of a production, Johnston treated “sidekicks” with the upmost respect and identified with the character he was working on. He felt these characters’ emotions would influence how the character would look and move, and by knowing them, he could carefully incorporate these traits into their design. Join us for this hands-on workshop, in which you will learn about proportions, shape, gesture and attitude to create an original sidekick character of your own.

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