Studio Series |
Animate a Dancing Ghost (Adult Session)

Ages 18+
Sat, Oct 26 | 10:30am–noon
$10 members | $15 non-members
Learning Center

Fifty years ago, the Haunted Mansion opened its doors to the public for the first time. This attraction uses a variety of practical illusions to summon the ghostly appearance of its spectral inhabitants. In one of the attraction’s most iconic scenes, ghosts dancing in a ballroom appear to materialize in and out of existence before Guests’ very eyes. Check out a miniature version of the Haunted Mansion as part of the Disneyland of Walt’s imagination in Gallery 9, and then be the 1000th happy haunt in a workshop in the Learning Center to create an animation of a dancing ghost. Use solid drawing techniques along with overlapping action and follow-through to bring your ghost to life as they dance the night away. “Any volunteers?”

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