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Virtual Studio Series | Animating an Elephant (Adult Session)

Sat, Jul 3 | 10:30am–noon
$13 members | $18 non-members

This year, in honor of Walt Disney World Resort’s 50th anniversary, we will be making multiple stops around the Resort and delving into its history. Our next stop is Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park.

On April 22, 1998, Disney’s Animal Kingdom opened its doors and became the fourth and largest Park at the Resort. At its center, welcoming visitors from all over the world, is the iconic Tree of Life attraction. Standing at 145 feet, this sculpture of a baobab tree contains 325 carvings of existing and extinct animals. Elephants grace the trunk and roots of the tree as well as the Park itself, which is appropriate considering the prominent role elephants have played in many Disney films. Join us in this workshop as we explore the history of the Park and of elephants within the animated world. Then, using animation principles, create and animate your own elephant swinging its trunk to give itself a shower.

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