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Conserving the Magic of Our Planet: Virtual Artists' Reception

Thu, Apr 22 | 11am
FREE | No Sign-up Required
Live Program on Facebook and YouTube

Hear comments from museum Executive Director Kirsten Komoroske and Director of Collections and Exhibitions—and exhibition curator—Marina Villar Delgado, then enjoy the grand opening and a guided tour of the exhibition with Kaitlin Buickel, Exhibitions and Curatorial Assistant, and Chris Mullen, Marketing and Communications Coordinator. Please have a beverage ready for a live toast to the artists.

The virtual exhibition will be live and open to the public immediately following the reception at waltdisney.org/earth-day.

About the Exhibition

Walt Disney is celebrated not only for his transformative and lasting impact on our culture through the pioneering and perfecting of animation, family entertainment, and theme parks, but also for his reverence of nature and support for habitat conservation. Consistently ahead of his time, Walt recognized the importance of inspiring younger generations to both understand and actively protect our natural world and the diverse forms of life with which we share the planet. 

Walt paired never-before-seen wildlife film footage with enriching storytelling in the Academy Award®-winning True-Life Adventures series—the first of its kind to expose the greater public, through film, to the importance and diversity of nature. Audiences were transported to the plains, deserts, mountains, waterways, and forests of our planet, not as mere background scenery for human activity, but as real, balanced ecosystems that support a variety of fascinating creatures. The True-Life Adventures films ultimately fueled a mainstream appreciation of wildlife conservation, created the template for the modern nature documentary, and set many conservationists on their career paths.

Adult and teen artists from around the world were invited to submit artwork inspired by Walt’s passion for stories based on our natural environment and the protection of our planet.

The final, curated selection of artwork will be made available to view for free via our website and WDFM mobile app. 

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