The Big Draw 2023: Drawing With Senses

All activities are free, museum admission not included
Sun, Oct 15 | 11am–4pm

Join us at The Walt Disney Family Museum as we once again celebrate The Big Draw, the world’s largest drawing festival! The Big Draw Festival 2023 is about letting loose, embracing happy accidents, and, most importantly, having fun.

This family event will explore drawing with your senses through several workshops. Try your hand creating images based on what you see and hear in your surroundings, paint scented watercolors, and more. We encourage people of all ages to participate, observe, and enjoy drawing and expression in different ways. There will also be a touch-based activity for guests who enter our galleries, using their sense of touch and perception to find artifacts.

Please note: While all activities are free, activities that happen within the galleries require a general admission ticket to access. Click this link to purchase an admission ticket; members can reserve their free admission tickets via the Member Portal.

Schedule of Events

SOLD OUT | Monster Non-Sense
11am–12:30pm | Learning Center | Registration Required

Imagine a creature with 20 eyes that can see through time or a beast with a gigantic nose that can smell for miles. In this sensory-themed workshop, the only limit is your own imagination as you draw your own wild monster. Join us as we examine the five senses, emotions, and more; then experiment with shape language, textures, and exaggeration to bring your ideas to life. 


Illuminated Perception
11am–12:30pm | Learning Center | Drop-In

How we perceive color can make us happy, sad, or even bring up fond memories, but what happens when the color you think you see is actually another color entirely? Join us in this experimental workshop as you draw with colored pens under monofrequency lights; then—without truly knowing what colors you have used—you will exit the room to reveal what you have created without true perception of color.


Sensory-Friendly Screening | One Hundred and One Dalmatians (1961)
1pm | Theater | Tickets Required

In honor of our upcoming festival The Big Draw: Drawing With Senses, The Walt Disney Family Museum presents a special sensory-friendly film screening of the classic film One Hundred and One Dalmatians (1961). To make this film a comfortable experience for all, lights will be dimmed instead of off, volume will be slightly lowered, and closed captioning will be turned on. Guests are welcome to get up, walk around, dance, sing along with their favorite songs, and enjoy this classic dog-centric Disney film in whatever way is most comfortable to them.

Please note: This screening is FREE for a caretaker of any person with a disability. Please visit the Ticket Desk to reserve your ticket on the day of the screening.


Hues and Tones
2–3:30pm | Learning Center | Registration Required

Music can inspire artwork just as story can be revealed through sounds. In this workshop, learn the fundamentals of lines and shapes as you immerse yourself in music to create three different visual pieces based on what you hear


Scented Watercolors
2–3:30pm | Learning Center | Drop-In

Taking inspiration from how scents can trigger beautiful imagery in our minds, this workshop allows you to create your own watercolor masterpieces using scented paints. Participants first draw their art with invisible crayons, and later reveal their scenes with the watercolors for a fun surprise!


Virtual Offering: Drawing Without Lifting

Unable to visit in person? We will be hosting a live virtual workshop during The Big Draw 2023 in which we draw an image using our instincts—with our eyes closed and without lifting our pens.


Sensory Artifacts
11am–4pm | Museum Galleries | Drop-In

For this experience, guests touch 3D-printed versions of artifacts within our museum galleries; then they attempt to locate those artifacts in the museum using only the sense of touch.

Please note: Museum admission is required to access the galleries for this free activity.


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