Field Trips, Virtual


Grades 5–12
Available by reservation Mon–Fri, 9am–2pm PT
$10 per student | $12 per teacher
Virtual or on-site experience

The Walt Disney Studios pioneered storyboarding—an innovative way of depicting an artist’s vision of the film’s story. Join us in this School Experience as we delve into timing, camera angles and shots, and how to plan out a visual project in a sequential form. Students will then take on the role of a storyboard artist as they envision their own version of a scene from a script.

Please contact Natalie Chan, School and Outreach Coordinator, at for any questions or to book your experience.

Virtual School Experiences occur online through Zoom. Students are required to have an internet connection, camera, and microphone in order to communicate with the class.

Virtual and On-site School Experiences

Our new Virtual and On-site Workshop offerings are activity-based, and available in either a one- or two-hour class. The two-hour session is more comprehensive and allows students more time to work on their projects.

Guided School Experiences combine a gallery tour and one of our hands-on workshops, allowing students to be creative while exploring Walt Disney’s life and work in meaningful ways. School Experiences appeal to a variety of learning styles and align with the Common Core State Standards.

Scholarship Information

Admission waivers are available for Title I schools. We will send a Title I waiver at a later date.

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