Self-Guided Visits with STEAM Activity Booklet

Grades 1‑12
Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri | 10am–4pm
$8 per student, $12 per adult
Learning Center

School groups are welcome to explore the museum’s galleries on their own at a discounted school rate. Self-guided school groups have access to the museum’s core galleries, special exhibitions, and film screenings. Be sure to pick up a STEAM Self-Guide handout for each student to use while touring the core galleries. The STEAM Self-Guide focuses on the important roles that science, technology, engineering, art, and math each played in the creation of animated films and in the advancement of the medium at The Walt Disney Studios during Walt’s lifetime. The STEAM Self-Guide includes questions that encourage students to think critically about the skills needed to produce quality work in animation, as well as space for them to document instances of STEAM they find in the galleries.


Registration for the 2019–2020 academic year is now open. Please email if you have any questions.

Other Programs

  • Benefitting from embedded digital media content, this walk-through the museum brings Walt’s inspirational message to life. Classes learn about his early failures, the art of animation, storytelling principles, and the technological innovations that made classics like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) possible.
    8–9am PST on Wednesdays
    1:30–2:30pm PST on Thursdays & Fridays
  • During this two-hour workshop, students learn about the innovation of synchronized sound and are challenged to match their animations with an exciting soundtrack of their own design. Students also experiment with a mini Multiplane Camera, explore how depth is created in animation, and create their own stop-motion shorts.
    Mon, Wed, Thu, & Fri | 10am–noon & 1–3pm
  • Field Trips
    Thanks to our partnership with The Society of California Pioneers, located just steps away from the museum, students begin this program at The Society...
    Wed, Thu, & Fri | 10am–noon & 1–3pm
  • Field Trips
    In partnership with HI USA , It's a Shared World explores Walt Disney's lifelong commitment to environmental education, international travel and...
    Mon, Wed, Thu & Fri | 10am–1pm
  • In the galleries, students discover how Walt encouraged his staff to experiment with special effects technology to make animation more compelling and realistic, and how the resulting advancements inspired the industry as a whole. In the Learning Center, students experiment with a mini Multiplane Camera, explore how depth is created in animation, and create their own silent stop-motion shorts.
    Mon, Wed, Thu, & Fri | 10am–noon
  • In the galleries, students learn the history of Audio-Animatronics® technology, first invented by WED Enterprises during the early 1960s. During this hands-on team workshop, students become Imagineers and are challenged to navigate Sphero SPRK robots using block computer programming.
    Mon, Wed, Thu & Fri | 10am–noon & 1–3pm
  • Students learn about Walt Disney and his team of Imagineers to see how their creativity and dreams led to the construction of Disneyland. During the...
    Mon, Wed, Thu & Fri | 10–11:30am & 1–2:30pm
  • Students take a tour through the galleries highlighting the importance of music throughout Walt's life. With a focus on masterpieces like the Silly Symphonies (1929–39) and Fantasia (1940), the guided tour then transitions students into an interactive workshop where they make music collaboratively using a unique, pitched percussion instrument called Boomwhackers®.
    Mon, Wed, Thu, & Fri | 10am–noon & 1–3pm
  • In the galleries, students step into Walt’s shoes, using their imaginations as they discover exciting moments in Walt’s life and the history of animation. In the Learning Center, students star in their own short animated movie using an engaging stop-motion technique called “pixilation” to gain a hands-on understanding of the animation process.
    Mon, Wed, Thu & Fri | 10am–noon
  • Students take a tour of our newest special exhibition, Mickey Mouse: From Walt to the World, with gallery activities and group discussions centered around one-of-a-kind Mickey artworks and objects. In the Learning Center, students bring to life their own animated characters using a Crankie box —illustrated stories literally cranked around two scrolls with a viewing screen. Students are welcome to self-guide through the main museum galleries before or after the workshop finishes.
    Mon, Wed, Thu, & Fri | 10am–noon and 1–3pm
    Limited time only: September 4, 2019 to February 17, 2020
  • In the galleries, students reflect on the work of Imagineers, who worked under Walt at WED Enterprises during the 1950s and 60s to imagine, research,...
    Mon, Wed, Thu, & Fri | 10am–noon and 1–3pm
  • Field Trips
    On this tour, our littlest students learn all about the importance of color in animation. In the galleries, they explore how color is used as a form of storytelling to set the mood of animated movies. In the Learning Center, they create their own color scripts to gain a better understanding of how the right colors can enhance a story.
    Mon, Wed, Thu, & Fri | 10–11:30am