From Sketch to Screen:

Grades 9–12 & young adults up to age 20
Mon–Fri | Jul 22–Aug 2
Learning Center

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Join us for a two-week intensive exploration of cinematography as well as an exclusive look into the field as it exists today with guest animators from the film industry. Students will focus on what it means to be a director of photography, and how visuals can reinforce the narrative elements. Using their knowledge of camera shots and angles, students will brainstorm and storyboard an original idea, and, from there, will study more in-depth techniques involving camera movements and lighting, and how these elements can breathe more emotion into an animated piece. During the course, students will also receive in-process feedback, watch technical presentations, and learn personal career advice from guests and teachers in order to further comprehend the field of animation as well as take their personal projects to the next level.

Please Note: This intensive course is designed for students who are interested in deepening their skills, creating short films, and developing professional animation practices. Prior experience with animation is preferred, but not required.

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