Graphic Novels

Grades 7–12
Mon–Fri | Jun 24–Jul 6 | 9am–4pm
No Class: Jul 4; Make-up Class: Jul 6
Learning Center

Paid tickets for this class are sold out.

Join us for this two-week journey into the world of comics as we explore this unique form of visual storytelling. Learn what it takes to plan out your script, utilize elements of acting and pantomime, as well as how each panel and page works to guide your reader through your narrative. You will experiment each session with story structure and different drawing styles in order to gain a better understanding of comics as an art form. After multiple planning sessions, you will use your newly-honed skills to create an original comic. At the end of the two-week session, this class will culminate in a showcase of student work; students’ family and friends are encouraged to attend. 

Scholarship Opportunities

The scholarship deadline for summer classes 2019 has passed. Thank you for your interest in our programs. We encourage you to apply to any one of our other classes during the regular school year, and to come back in early next year to apply for summer classes 2020.

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