Cel Animation

Mon–Fri | June 10–21
Learning Center
Grades 6–8

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In the 1930s, the Walt Disney Studios used a then-innovative animation method: artists drew on celluloid sheets, or “cels,” with ink, and then placed these cels over painted backgrounds. This technique not only transformed the look of animated films, but it also made the production process more efficient. Join us in this two-week class, which examines this now-classic animation method by teaching you about the entire process from crafting a story and storyboarding that narrative to hand-drawing the animation that will appear on your cels. After you create a hand-drawn piece of animation, you will then learn how to transfer it onto a cel in order to create a short animated film, all done in that timeless aesthetic. At the end of the two-week session, this class will culminate in a showcase of student work; students’ family and friends are encouraged to attend.

Please Note: This class is intended for students interested in learning more about the process of animation, and is recommended for students with little to some prior experience with animation. Please be aware that students will be working in the studio for the majority of class hours.

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