You've Come A Long Way, Mickey!

Posted on Thu, 11/04/2010 - 06:00

In 1928, after losing the rights to a character he had helped develop, Walt Disney had to come up with a new creation. His wife, Lillian, recalled, "He was talking about different things, kittens and cats, this and that and the other. He kept talking about a mouse."Walt later said, "And then the name came. I had Mortimer first and my wife shook her head, and then I tried Mickey and she shook her head the other way, and that was it!

Want to learn more about the history of Mickey Mouse and his transformation over the years? November is Mickey Mouse Month, so we've asked Vincent Vedrenne--an executive in The Walt Disney Company’s Office for Corporate Brand Management--to guide us through the different stages of Mickey’s development, how he was conceived, and what Mickey has come to represent around the world. Mr. Vedrenne will be here with an illustrated talk in our Theater, on November 13 @ 3pm! Tickets are available now at -- don't miss out!