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The Walt Disney Family Museum presents an inspirational journey through the life of Walter Elias Disney. Our mission is two-fold: To inform present and future generations about the man, and—through his story—to inspire them to heed their imagination and persevere in pursuing their goals.

The Walt Disney Family Foundation manages the collection and selects which objects will be on display at The Walt Disney Family Museum in the main galleries and special exhibitions. Objects are selected into the Walt Disney Family Foundation collection under the following criteria:

  • The object must have been created or published in Walt Disney’s lifetime: 1901–66
  • The object must relate to Walt Disney’s personal or professional life
  • The donor must be able to demonstrate clear ownership (e.g., receipt of purchase, letter of transfer, etc.)
  • The Collections Committee must deem the object beneficial to the Foundation’s collection

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I donate objects or documents to the Walt Disney Family Foundation?

The Walt Disney Family Foundation cannot accept donated objects unless an email or letter is first submitted to the Collections Department via the form at the bottom of the page.

​​​​​Or mail the information requested in the form below to:

  • Collections Department
    Walt Disney Family Foundation
    104 Montgomery Street

    The Presidio of San Francisco
    San Francisco, California 94129

    Can I mail or drop off a donation?

    No, the Foundation cannot accept unsolicited donations through the mail or in-person without a formal letter of acceptance from the Foundation.

    Can you tell me how much my material is worth?

    No, the Walt Disney Family Foundation, as a 501(c)(3) non-profit institution, is prohibited by the IRS and the code of ethics of the American Alliance of Museums from assigning a monetary value—real or perceivedto objects proposed for donation. However, professional appraisers will perform this service for a fee. To find a licensed appraiser in your area, contact one of the following organizations for a referral:

    How are potential donations reviewed?

    The Collections Committee meets monthly to review potential donations. At this time, the Committee will determine if your object fits into the Foundation’s mission and its collections policy. If accepted, you will be contacted by the Director of Exhibitions and Collections to arrange to have the donated materials picked up, shipped to, or dropped off at The Walt Disney Family Museum.

    How long until I know if my donation is accepted?

    Typically, the review process takes anywhere from two to four weeks. Reviews may take longer when staff time is otherwise committed to development of exhibitions or special programming.

    When will my donation be on display?

    The Foundation values all objects accepted into its collection. However, it cannot guarantee when or if objects will be displayed unless the objects were expressly collected for that purpose. Only a fraction of the collection is on view at any given time; items not on exhibit are carefully preserved in our storage area.

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