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Talks Virtual
Wed, Nov 18 | 5:30pm PT

Join animator, director, filmmaker, and fine artist George Scribner for behind-the-scenes stories from his work directing Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Oliver and Company (1988) and various projects for Walt Disney Imagineering.

Special Events Virtual
Sat, Oct 3 | Events scheduled all day

Join us as we celebrate The Big Green Draw, the world’s largest drawing festival. Our annual free community event will celebrate Walt Disney’s contributions to visual arts and vision for a more sustainable earth. In conjunction with this year’s #ClimateOfChange theme, experience a unique animal

Talks Virtual
Rescheduled from Sat, Mar 7
Wed, Oct 21 | 5:30pm PT

Moderated by Her Universe Founder and Designer Ashley Eckstein, hear from Disney+ short film Director Valerie LaPointe (Lamp Life, 2020), Storyboard Artist Aphton Corbin (Toy Story 4 and Soul, 2020), and Storyboard Artist Louise Smythe (Onward, 2020) as they discuss their “storied” journeys from

Job Description

Department: Education

Location: San Francisco

Reports to: Education Studio Manager

Status: Full-Time

Date: September 2020

Hours: 40 Hours, Possible nights and weekends

FLSA Code: Non-Exempt

Rate: DOE


Position Description

Department: Facilities and Operations

Location: San Francisco

Reports to: Digital Content Technician

Status: Part-Time

Date: Starting ASAP

FLSA Code: Non-Exempt

The "E" Ticket - Now Available Online
Posted on Wed, 01/21/2015 - 09:30
Calling all collectors, enthusiasts, and dreamers! Select single, mint-condition issues of The “E” Ticket magazine are now available for purchase in the museum’s webstore. A magazine devoted to “collecting theme park memories,” The “E” Ticket—named after the coveted “E ticket” at Disneyland Park that admitted the bearer to the most popular rides and attractions—was started by brothers Leon and Jack Janzen in 1986. The fanzine’s intent was to not only provide a detailed history of the brothers’ favorite park, but also give readers knowledge about the artists, Imagineers®, and other creative individuals responsible for the magic of Disneyland.
Talks Virtual
Sat, Sep 19 | 1pm PT

In 1964, Tania McKnight Norris was hired to work at WED Enterprises—now known as Walt Disney Imagineering—as an interior designer for the highly-anticipated Disneyland expansion: New Orleans Square. During Norris' tenure at WED, she worked on many projects, including Haunted Mansion and concepts for

Talks Virtual
Sat, Sep 26 | 2pm

When San Francisco artist Ruth Asawa was interned in a camp for Japanese Americans during World War II, she found hope and inspiration among some of her fellow internees. She befriended and took drawing lessons from interned Disney animators Tom Okamato, James Tanaka, and Chris Ishii—a much-needed

As employees of The Walt Disney Family Museum, we strive to achieve and perpetuate the values that Walt held important in his work and his life. We believe that to achieve the level of quality associated with Walt Disney, each person, as an individual and as part of a cohesive team, contributes toward delivering a quality experience to every visitor to The Walt Disney Family Museum.

Workshops Virtual
Sat, Dec 12 | 10:30am–12:30pm

Walt Disney always encouraged his animators to remain students and to continually learn and improve their craft with every project. Bring your art and join us for this informative workshop about how to build a well-rounded portfolio or demo-reel and catering these items to the job or internship you

Talks Virtual
Fri, Oct 16 | 5:30pm PT

Milicent Patrick was a true Renaissance woman. Not only was she one of The Walt Disney Studios’ first female animators, but throughout her illustrious career, she also worked as an actress, makeup artist, and special effects designer. Recently recognized as the costume designer behind the iconic

Workshops Virtual
Sat, Nov 7 | 10:30am–noon

After many long hours spent drawing, tired animators might start to find themselves nodding off. In this workshop, use anticipation and timing to create a short animation of a drowsy animator who gradually falls asleep.

Workshops Virtual
Sat, Oct 24 | 10:30am–noon

Animation can be hard and tiring work. After many hours, even days, of working away at a light table or computer, few animators can resist the urge to let out a long yawn. In this workshop, use facial expressions and exaggeration to create an animation of a sleepy animator yawning.

Workshops Virtual
Sat, Oct 10 | 10:30am–noon

Animating facial expressions, whether realistic or exaggerated, is a difficult skill to master. To enhance believability, animators often use themselves as a model for their own poses and expressions. Many classic animators even kept a small mirror by their desks so they could use their reflections

Workshops Virtual
Sat, Sep 26 | 10:30am–noon

Animation often involves long hours of work hunched over a light table or computer, which is not always good for an artist’s posture. After spending a long time working on a piece of animation while bent over in an uncomfortable pose, the artist’s back might start to hurt. In this installment of our

Workshops Virtual
Sat, Sep 19 | 10:30am–12:30pm
Join us in this informative workshop about the various art schools, programs, courses, and paths to a career in animation.
Special Events Virtual
Wed, Sep 30 | Noon–5pm

Join us on International Podcast Day as we feature some of The Walt Disney Family Museum’s favorite Disney podcasters to discuss fascinating stories and facts centered on Walt Disney and the people who knew him best. Hear from familiar Disney voices—The Bancroft Brothers and Leonard Maltin—and also