Field Trips


Grades 5–12
Available by reservation Mon–Fri, 9am–2pm PST
$10 per student | $12 per teacher

Discover how 18th century automatons led to the creation of wind-up toys, the development of Audio-Animatronics® technology, and the evolution of today’s advanced robotics. Students will observe the mechanics of a simple automaton and create their own through trial and error.

Please contact Natalie Chan, School and Outreach Coordinator, at for any questions or to book your experience.

On-site School Experiences

Our new Virtual Workshop offerings are activity-based, and available in either a one- or two-hour class. The two-hour session is more comprehensive and allows students more time to work on their projects.

Please note: Automatons will only be offered in a two-hour class format.

Guided School Experiences combine a gallery tour and one of our hands-on workshops, allowing students to be creative while exploring Walt Disney’s life and work in meaningful ways. School Experiences appeal to a variety of learning styles and align with the Common Core State Standards.

Scholarship Information

Admission waivers are available for Title I schools. We will send a Title I waiver at a later date.

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