Walt Disney’s Disneyland: “The Donald Duck Story” (1954)

April | Select Sundays: 3pm
FREE for members | $5 or film voucher for member guests
$5 with general admission
Film Screening Only: $10 adults | $8 youth

We invite you to celebrate one of Mickey’s closest pals with this month’s screening of “The Donald Duck Story.” Since 1934, Donald, who The Walt Disney Company describes as a “lovable screw-up, who’s always in over his head and at the end of his rope,” has entertained audiences, and this beloved episode of the Disneyland television series spotlighted his importance. Originally featured in the “Fantasyland” segment of the series, “The Donald Duck Story” is Walt’s imaginative retelling of Donald’s career. And, following the screening of this unique episode of Walt Disney’s Disneyland, watch Donald in one of his first appearances in the 1938 short Donald’s Nephews.

Run time: 68 minutes

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