Experimental Animation

Grades 3–5
Mon–Fri | June 10–21
Learning Center

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In this two-week class, be prepared to reimagine your ideas and designs as you learn about what it takes to become an animator. Using both the conventional principles of animation as well as unconventional items, you will explore various drawing methods and practices until, after multiple animation tests, you will use your new skills to create an original animated short film. This class will culminate in a gallery-style showcase of students’ artworks during which all of the final projects will be screened in our state-of the-art theater for students’ family and friends.

Please Note: This class is intended for students who are interested in learning about the process of animation, and is recommended for students with very little or no prior experience with animation. Please be aware that students will be working in the studio for the majority of class hours.

Scholarship Opportunities

The scholarship deadline for summer classes 2019 has passed. Thank you for your interest in our programs. We encourage you to apply to any one of our other classes during the regular school year, and to come back in early next year to apply for summer classes 2020.

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