After School Animation

Grades 6–12
Every Wed, Aug 28–Oct 16 | 4–6pm
$425 members | $500 non-members
Learning Center

Successful animators have a comprehensive understanding of the basic animation techniques and principles. This eight-week course goes in depth on a different concept each class, working traditionally with pencil and paper. Through this course, budding animators will develop a strong foundation, continue to build their knowledge of art and animation, and hone their unique artistic skills.

Continuing students will focus on an independent project and learn additional animation skills throughout the course.

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Other Programs

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    Tickets sold out. In the 1930s, the Walt Disney Studios used a then-innovative animation method: artists drew on celluloid sheets, or “cels,” with ink...
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  • In this two-week session, join us as we explore theme park attractions and what it takes to build both intricate and immersive designs.
    Mon–Fri | Jun 24–Jul 6 | 9am–4pm
    No Class: Jul 4; Make-up Class: Jul 6
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    Tickets sold out. Join us for this two-week journey into the world of comics as we explore this unique form of visual storytelling. Learn what it...
    Mon–Fri | Jun 24–Jul 6 | 9am–4pm
    No Class: Jul 4; Make-up Class: Jul 6
  • This incredible two-week journey will take a look at what it means to be a woman in animation and helps students design their own female lead...
    Mon–Fri | Jul 8–19 | 9am–4pm
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    Mon–Fri | Jul 8–19 | 9am–4pm
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    Mon–Fri | Jul 22–Aug 2 | 9am–4pm
  • Tickets sold out. Join us for a two-week intensive exploration of cinematography as well as an exclusive look into the field as it exists today with...
    Mon–Fri | Jul 22–Aug 2
  • Learn traditional animation techniques that Walt and his team relied upon daily with pencil and paper, and transition them into the digital world....
    Every Sat, Sep 7–Oct 26 | 1:30–4:30pm
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    Join us in this eight-week class in which we explore character design and what it means to represent oneself inside and out. Using shape language,...
    Every Sun, Sep 8–Oct 27 | 10am–noon