"Worth the Drive Up from L.A."

Fantastic, especially if you are a fan of Walt Disney! Broad museum with a lot of information, interesting exhibits, and a knowledgeable/friendly staff. I drove up to San Francisco from L.A. just for this museum and it was well worth the trip. I will definitely return soon!

- Julia S.

"Fun for All Ages"

Took the family on a school break, not really knowing what to expect. We had a tweenager, my 80 year old FiL, my husband and me. 

Wow, what a wonderful museum! Worth every penny of the admission price. Plan on spending at least two hours there, possibly longer. Exhibits are so well-done, fascinating memorabilia and special insights into the family life of a great American icon. 

What I really like is there is something for everyone here - each generation has a different experience and memory of the Disney empire—the theme parks, the Mickey Mouse Club tv shows, the incredibly rich movie history—so whatever your association to Disney you will find something interesting and engaging at this museum. It is not at all cheesy or commercial. In fact, we thought the store could have sold more things than they did. 

A great way to spend a foggy San Francisco day, and stop in at Liverpool Lil's just over on on Lyon Street for a burger after your marathon visit. You've earned it.

- VousAllez


If you're a Disney fan, you'll love this museum. But even if you're not, there's so much that Walt Disney contributed to the world of animation... you'll be amazed at what you learn. I am a 'browser' at most museums, but the quality of the exhibits, the integration of the exhibit pieces and the presentation...the museum itself is truly a work of art. It does Walt Disney justice, and that's saying a lot. The tribute to Walt at the end made me tear up...this is truly a magical place.

- MWD123

"Do Not Overlook This Gem!"

We almost didn't make it. In fact, we almost decided to 'cut' The Walt Disney Family Museum out of our plans. However, we had rented a vehicle for the day to go to Muir Woods, so we figured this was the perfect chance to get out to the Museum and see what it was all about. 

I must say: this is one of the best laid out [museums] I have ever visited. I frequently visit museums and galleries on my travels and found that this Museum just had a natural flow to it. Picture Ikea as a Museum but without the endless signs and arrows and rigid path. this Museum was functional, efficient in its use of space, yet extremely engaging. 

In true Disney spirit, there are endless amounts of activities and quality videos to immerse yourself in Walt's history. I found that the two hours I had (we arrived late due to Muir Woods) was just enough time to see all of the highlights, but left room for a return visit, much like Disney theme parks. 

If you're a Disney fan, and even if you're not, this is a great museum to attend. Despite being an icon and an institution himself, Walt's personal life was mostly unknown to me. I knew the basics, but that was it. It's remarkable how fascinating one man's life can be when you take the time to learn it, especially the way the Walt Disney Family Museum has presented it. 

In my opinion, I think Walt would be proud...and you'll be engaged, enlightened, and have a bit of fun along the way!

- Travelnut2007

"For the Kid in All of Us"

If you are a fan of the man, or even if you are a bit skeptical of his foresight and courage, then this museum will eliminate the doubt about Walt Disney being a true pioneer in American entertainment.  Things we take for granted today, theme parks, animated movies, character merchandising, never existed until this man paved the way.  Imagine everyone in your closest circles telling you your greatest dreams will never work, that they will ruin you.  What would you do?  Disney forged ahead, and in room after room you understand how innovative and ahead of his time he really was.  Tons and tons of archival video and audio, replicas of Disney attractions and memorabilia, and the most poignant stuff has nothing to do with the movies and parks.  It has to do with the family that inspired Walt to create Disneyland in the first place.  Pictures, video and never before seen home movies of Walt Disney, as always, acting like the big kid he always was. Telegrams tell the not-so flattering story of Disney's animators strike and the fights with the men that tried to ruin him and his brother financially.  There is very little sugar coating of Disney until the very end where his death is reflected upon by quotes and cartoon snippets as classical music plays softly in the background.  There was a lot of love put into this museum, and the attention to detail shows in the pieces collected, the knowledge and helpfulness of the staff, and the importance with which this museum memorializes a man that for better or worse, changed the shape of pop culture forever.  If you enjoy anything Disney, movies, theme parks, cruises, then you will learn more than you thought, but you will come away with a much better appreciation of the risk-takers that were Walt Disney and his under-appreciated brother Roy (without him, Walt Disney World would neither have had a name or kept the vision of what it is today).  Not for young children, but for the kid in all of us, this is a must see attraction in San Francisco.

- Marc S.