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Inspire your students with creative and engaging learning at The Walt Disney Family Museum! Here you will find resources to use with your students in preparation for your visit to the museum. These guides and activities support an active approach to learning that allows students to develop critical thinking, problem solving, and discussion skills as well as explore the life and work of Walt Disney. Using these materials, teachers can spark students’ curiosity while adhering to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). 

Walt Disney: Development of Special Effects

The Multiplane Educator Guide - Download PDF

The Multiplane Educator Guide presents detailed information about the Multiplane Camera, one of the Walt Disney Studio’s most important and influential technological developments. The educator guide provides supplemental materials needed for you and your students to complete the pre- and post-visit activities while preparing for and reflecting on your museum visit. Students learn about the history and innovators of the Multiplane Camera and how it works. They also learn how to build their own Multiplane Camera to use in creating their own animation. The background information and descriptions of animation techniques will help facilitate student discussion and inquiry during their visit, in the classroom, or at home. The guide is designed for grade 4 through 8 and adheres to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). 

Pre-visit Activity - Download PDF

The pre-visit activity will introduce students to important concepts to prepare them for their museum visit, while also reinforcing basic literacy skills. The lesson is designed to meet the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for English and Language Arts, specifically Reading Informational Texts (grades 4 to 8) and Literacy in Science and Technical Subjects (grades 6 to 8). The pre-visit activity outlines four different activities teachers can complete with students using the Multiplane Educator Guide and information found on the museum’s website. The pre-visit activity provides grade specific CCSS-based questions that teachers can ask students. The guide is designed to ensure that throughout this process, students are actively engaged in their own learning. They are able to think critically, problem solve, as well as collaboratively discuss and develop ideas. 

Post-visit Activity - Download PDF

The post-visit activity allows students to build on what they learned during their museum visit while developing their writing skills. The lesson is designed to meet the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for English Language Arts, specifically Writing: Text Types and Purposes as well as Writing: Production and Distribution of Writing. The lesson can also be adapted to encompass standards for Writing: Research to Build and Present Knowledge. The post-visit activity outlines three different activities you can complete with students. The grade specific writing assignments give students an opportunity to practice their informative and narrative writing skills. 

Imagination Foundation: Pixilation

(pre-and post-visit activities coming soon!)