Lectures & Discussions

TALK | Disney’s Nine Old Men: A Legacy for the Ages
Sat, Oct 24 | 11am & 3pm
$18 members | $20 non-members | $12 student & youth members | $15 student & youth non-members
Known affectionately by Walt as his Nine Old Men, this group of early Disney animators is credited with creating many of the most famous Disney films in history and with refining the basic principles of animation. Learn from Andreas Deja, master animator and apprentice to the Nine, as he discusses the techniques and fundamentals that defined the group. This is the first in a series of programs designed to explore in-depth the lives and achievements of nine men whose extraordinary work in the field of animation has inspired countless others.

TALK | Disney’s Nine Old Men: The Four Who Inspired the Nine | SOLD OUT
Sat, Nov 7 | 1pm
Walt Disney’s storied group of animators known as the Nine Old Men, left a lasting mark on the art of animation and have inspired countless others over the years. But who provided the guidance and inspiration that was crucial for them to succeed? Join Disney animator Eric Goldberg for a discussion about the unheralded “Four Young Men” who mentored the famous Nine: Bill Tytla, Fred Moore, Ham Luske, and Norm Ferguson. Learn how these talented yet unsung artists taught the group who would take the art of animation to a new level.

TALK | Contemporary Character Animation and Classic Techniques with James Baxter
Sat, Nov 14 | 1pm
The animation process may seem quite different since the days of Walt and his team of artists and animators. Technicolor and the Multiplane Camera contributed to the advancement, but the animators never strayed from following their basic principles of animation to draw the life into their characters. These same principles, pioneered by some of the Nine Old Men, are studied and applied today, whether the animation is hand-drawn or created on a computer. Join us as we watch first-hand from animator James Baxter as he explains his classic approach to 2D Animation while creating an original animation from sketch to screen.