It's a Shared World

  • Date & Time

    Mon, Wed, Thu & Fri | 10am–noon and 1–3pm | Grades 3–6
  • Cost

    $10 student, $12 adult
  • Location

    Learning Center

From driving an ambulance in Europe during WWI to producing one of the first nature documentaries, Walt Disney wanted to make a difference on a global scale. Young visitors take a guided tour of the galleries to discover how Walt's projects, movies, and attractions spoke—and continue to speak—to a broad audience about the importance of environmental stewardship and multiculturalism. Students transition into an outdoor classroom setting for a participatory hike and workshop and consider their own impact on the planet and its many inhabitants—plants, animals, and humans. 

It's a Shared World
  • $10 student, $12 adult
  • Learning Center